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Visionary Talks – Interactive Workshops – Festival

“Voice & Exit is like an edgy TED conference. Things like this are going to dramatically shift our generation forward.” – Sam Elick – CEO, Brain-Juice

Voice & Exit is a dynamic, transformative festival of the future. Exiters are dedicated to maximizing human flourishing for individuals, communities and our world.

Get inspired by visionary Seeds talks. Get involved with interactive Sprouts workshops. Get down like it’s 2025 at the Blooms festival — all exploring themes of human flourishing.


Personal Optimization

Exploring Consciousness

Hacking Performance


Radical Entrepreneurship

Experimental Community



Subversive Innovation


Future Cities

Network with the next generation of visionaries, entrepreneurs and artists.

Meet the speakers that are creating the future.

“Voice & Exit is a rocket ship ride into the future. It opened my eyes – not only to the amazing potential, but to my role in the process. Everything we can dream of, anything you can imagine–it’s happening! We are creating the future in every moment.”

-Corine Brunet (2014 Exiter)

“I drove 2,500 miles to get there and back. The connections I made at last year’s event were worth at least 10 times the ticket price. I’ll be back.”

-Tim Chermak (2014 Exiter)

“Voice & Exit was like a beautiful rewiring of my brain. It left me with a burning desire to make my mark, to connect, and to create change so that we can all flourish.”

-Bethany Currier (2014 Exiter)

“There is no better place to learn about the great things that are going on in this world that are giving people options to leave the current ways in which society is organizing itself and invent new and better ways of doing things.”

-Norman Horn (2014 Exiter)

“Voice & Exit brought so much hope into my life. The speakers were phenomenal and left me believing in humanity again.”

-Jessy Lee (2014 Exiter)

“I’ve measured an incredible financial ROI from the relationships I created at last year’s event. It was more than ‘networking.’ I actually made life long friends, and those new friends just happen to be innovators that are changing the world.”

-2014 Exiter

“Voice & Exit is like an edgy TED conference. Things like this are going to dramatically shift our generation forward.”

-Sam Elick – CEO, BrainJuice (2014 Exiter)

“Voice & Exit represents a promising future.”

-Brandon Jones (2014 Exiter)


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