“TED is interesting, Voice & Exit is life changing.”
-Justin Arman, CEO My Magic Mud

“Voice & Exit is everything that SXSW used to be.”
-Sam Elick, CEO BrainJuice

Why We’re Doing This

Meet the founders of Voice & Exit


Visionary Talks – Interactive Workshops – Festival

“V&E broke open my entire world and opened a window to another world. By Sunday morning I was literally vibrating…and I didn’t take any drugs.”

-Trey Stinnett, Entrepreneur/Investor

“V&E is Austin’s premier conference on the future of consciousness, tech and social structure, representing the forefront of creating the culture of tomorrow.”

-Patrick Kronfli, Director of Operations, Unify.org

“I drove 2,500 miles to get there and back. The connections I made at last year’s event were worth at least 10 times the ticket price.”

- Tim Chermak, Entrepreneur

“It’s truly remarkable how much life changing information can be provided in just two days. V&E is one of the most powerful change agents on the planet right now.”

-Amanda Awethu, Founder of the Amanda Awethu Project

“Incredibly Transformative”

-CEO of Give Life to Art

“The energy you get from having that many like-minded people focused on positively changing the world is unmatched.”

-Devin Shea, Founder at Reaction Foundry

“There is no better place to learn about the great things that are going on in this world that are giving people options to leave the current ways in which society is organizing itself and invent new and better ways of doing things.”

-Norman Horn, Postdoctoral Associate at MIT

“Voice & Exit was like a beautiful rewiring of my brain. It left me with a burning desire to make my mark, to connect, and to create change so that we can all flourish.”

-Bethany Currier, Wellness Specialist


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