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Do you have a tech demo, art installation or performance that you believe represents a flourishing world? Send us some info!

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Voice & Exit is always looking to keep up to date with incredible, contrarian thought leaders operating at the fringes of possibility, and contributing to a flourishing world. Let us know who you think would be a perfect fit.

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Student tickets are $37 and require volunteer hours. If you are not a student, but would like to volunteer, please apply below:

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2016 Voice & Exit Registration

Basic Pass

The Seeds, Sprouts & Blooms experience

Access to Seeds Talks

Access to Sprouts Sessions

Access to Blooms Festival

Exiter Pass

The Full V&E Experience

Everything in the BASIC PASS plus:

Priority seating during Seeds talks (recommended)

Access to a day of Harvest Workshops designed to ensure your V&E experience translates from ideas into action.

Access to the Future Cities Forum.

Access to 2016 Hidden Content post-event.

Mastermind Pass

The ultimate Voice & Exit experience


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Everything in the EXITER PASS plus:

Premium reserved seating during Seeds talks

Access to private seminar hosted by Ryan Holiday

Access to mastermind dinner series with speakers

High value networking

Receive a Flourish Pack containing supplements, discounts and other V&E related products (value over $250)

Friday light dinner, Saturday dinner

Blooms Pass

Pass just for the Blooms festival 8PM - 2AM, November 12th


A fusion-festival of live music, performances, tech demos, art installations and much more


Music performances: HÄANA, Bliss Goddess & Bassline Drift

Glitch Nova

VR Games

Meditation Deathmatch

Immersive VR Installations

Live Painting

Trance and Tea Lounge

Includes wine from Dry Farm Wines

Includes beverages from Bulletproof Coffee and Gauayaki Yerba Mate

Student Pass

Student passes are equivalent to the "Exiter Pass" only they require completing one, eight-hour volunteer shift.


Only 50 Student Volunteer Passes Available

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As with any other pass holder, Voice & Exit can be life changing for many students. But students are often broke. That's why -- thanks to a generous donation made possible by joint producers Peace Through Commerce -- we're able to offer 50 student volunteer passes. Due to their price and scarcity, they won't last long. So if you're going to be a student volunteer, apply now.

All passes fully refundable until 60 days prior to the event