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Mastermind Pass


Friday: What’s your archetype? The MRE Framework with Bijoy Goswami

What’s your archetype for productive flourishing? From the ancients all the up way to Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, humanity has given us basic patterns of behavior for survival and success. But each of us has a dominant pattern. What’s yours?

Join entrepreneurial philosopher Bijoy Goswami and explore the model to unpack your archetype and orient your team around the MRE model.

Saturday: Transcending Ego with Ryan Holiday

Your ego is a part of you — like your spleen. But it comes with hubris, self-deception, and a sense of entitlement — all of which can interfere with success.

How can we step outside of ego to put it in its place? How can find higher callings and serve others better? Can we learn the vitals lessons of leaders and teachers who have figured out that the ego might be the enemy?

Join bestselling author Ryan Holiday for a private dinner and session that will help you better transcend ego and leave humanity better.

Voice and Exit was a mind blowing experience that exposed me to the most forward-thinking practitioners, innovators, and disruptors in the world today, from human rights, electronic currency, self-sustainable societies, informal education, management and monumental advancements in the biohacking health community. The best decision I made was to join the mastermind VIP group which afforded me the ability to have one-on-one interactions in a very intimate setting and led to personal relationships and partnerships that continue today with these very innovators. Thanks to Seth and his team for putting together a one of kind event.

Dr. Rudy Mueller


Not only will Mastermind Passholders enjoy a special Friday reception and exploration with Bijoy Goswami, a Saturday night dinner and seminar with Ryan Holiday — they’ll get:

– Up-close seating for the Seeds talks,
– Privileged access to the speakers,
– An intimate network of creatives and change makers, and much, much more.

There are only 40 Mastermind Passes on offer. Last year these sold out.

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