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Guru You: Create your own meaning in work and life

Bijoy Goswami

Throughout history, authorities and external sources have generated life meaning for most of the rest of humanity. Such sources include religious teachers, governments and experts. That sort of meaning was necessary as we began to conquer the world of atoms, to expand rights to people everywhere, and to establish commercial ties with each other. But we are now entering a different sort of era…  What does this era look like? And where will we find life meaning now?


Politics Decentralized: The path to peace in prosperity lies beyond elections

Jordan Greenhall

Electoral politics is broken. Technology is gives us the tools to fundamentally change the way we make and change the rules. From liquid democracy to distributed autonomous organizations, politics is due for an upgrade. What happens when technology allows people to operate more like a hivemind? Futurist Jordan Greenhall explains.


Unleashing Creativity: Improvisation, group flow and improved social dynamics

Keith Sawyer

Creativity has long been thought to be an individual gift, best pursued alone by unique geniuses. Schools, organizations, and whole industries have been built on this idea–with geniuses perched atop hierarchies. But what if the most common beliefs about how creativity works are wrong? Creativity expert Keith Sawyer tears down some of the most popular myths about creativity, revealing insights that could establish a new paradigm of collaboration.  


Healing Our Streets: Managing community threats through de-escalation policing

Commander Dale Brown

The institution of policing needs reform, as recent events have made clear. What if the very attitude that police take toward civilians is the source of a lot of unrest? For more than 20 years Commander Dale Brown has been developing strategies, tactics and logistics to rid his community of violent crimes. His private security firm contributed to a 90 percent decrease in violent crime and brought a total stop to home invasions and murders in specific neighborhoods. How does his team do it? Get a glimpse at the next paradigm of policing.


Treat Yourself: Exiting the healthcare-industrial complex

Julia Cheek

Healthcare today is a nexus of experts and special interests. The patient — you — are nowhere near the center of that nexus. The locus of control is distributed among others who are positioned to divide the spoils of a bloated healthcare-industrial complex. CEO Julia Cheek is an entrepreneur with a passion to put the patient back at the center of the healthcare universe. She’ll offer a vision for a more affordable and effective healthcare future, which restores the patient’s place as the primary caregiver.


The Singular We: New pathways to personal and global transformation

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Growing up in Japan, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura was expected to live and act a certain way. He felt boxed in and pruned by his society. But his journey to becoming a Buddhist teacher and integral thinker required shedding traditions and practices that constrained his development in becoming his authentic Self. Join Yasuhiko as he shares his insights on freedom and fulfillment — reconciling the paradox of I and We in his “omni-centric” worldview.


Neurofeedback: Training our brains for performance and wellbeing

Dr. James Hardt

For the past 40 years, Dr. James Hardt has been developing an advanced neurofeedback program that has been scientifically shown to dramatically accelerate one’s ability to gain mastery over the mind. The program has been compared to forty years of Zen meditation. Join Dr. Hardt as he shares secrets about advanced neurofeedback and the power of consciousness hacking.


College is Dead: How the next generation can educate themselves and build their careers

Isaac Morehouse

Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t go to college. See how he turned out? In fact, the guilds of the renaissance relied on real-world experience (through apprenticeships) to produce masters. As tuition prices soar, debt rises, and post-graduate employment opportunities dry up, it’s time to consider new models for higher education. Isaac Morehouse shares his vision of the future of higher education hybridized with entrepreneurship.


The End of Doom: Humanity’s conquered the worst… so what’s next?

Ron Bailey

Humanity has conquered many of the material obstacles to human flourishing. Though you wouldn’t think it by reading the news every day, death, famine, conquest and war are all on the decline. Join Reason science writer Ron Bailey as he sets out his optimistic view in this state of humanity report.


Future Design: Bio-architecture, sacred geometry and fractal living spaces

Michael Rice

Nothing in nature lives in a box, except for modern humans. We take our living spaces for granted. But there is an emerging science of architectural design that integrates ancient geometry principles with inspiration from the greatest designer of all–nature. You will never think of buildings the same after this amazing presentation.

Startup Societies: Creating physical and legal spaces that maximize prosperity

Erick Brimen

A wise man once said: Don’t ask why the poorest parts of the world are poor. Rather, ask why the rich areas are rich. Erick Brimen is a venture fund investor in developing spaces that rezone for prosperity. This native of Venezuela has seen what bad institutions and dependency on a petro-state can do to a whole people–his people. The way forward for the developing world is to embrace, good rules and stable institutions that unleash the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Voice and Exit was a mind blowing experience that exposed me to the most forward-thinking practitioners, innovators, and disruptors in the world today, from human rights, electronic currency, self-sustainable societies, informal education, management and monumental advancements in the biohacking health community. The best decision I made was to join the mastermind VIP group which afforded me the ability to have one-on-one interactions in a very intimate setting and led to personal relationships and partnerships that continue today with these very innovators. Thanks to Seth and his team for putting together a one of kind event.

Dr. Rudy Mueller

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